1. Cixi Yingjiang Fittings Of Vehicle Co.,LTD.

    Cixi Yingjiang Fittings Of Vehicle Co.,LTD. Through more than 30 years of development Cixi Yingjiang Bicycle Fittings Co., ltd., whose former is Cixi Guancheng Bicycle Fittings Factory, has formed to a sizable factory, specializing in manufacturing different kinds of plastic fittings in bicycle and childrens bike. The Co., treats the quality of products as its vitality, adheres to the purpose of “Quality First, Reputation Utmost”. We will continue to provide colourful and firm products to our customers both abroad and at home with sound quality and competitive price. At the same time, we can also produce according to the customers requirement or samples and give technical service about choosing material and application.

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    Plastic baby carriage accessories, EVA foamed tire, plastic car basket, plastic toolbox, plastic chain cover, plastic baby carriage accessories, plastic baby carriage basket, plastic baby carriage toolbox, plastic baby carriage chain cover


    An email may be just the beginning of our cooperation. E-mail:1043174129@qq.com


    News and information

    Professional production of buggy basket, plastic buggy basket accessories style variety, can be customized!

    A variety of models of buggy basket, soft, non-toxic raw materials, no harm to the child's body;

    The specific size and color can be produced according to customer requirements (the corresponding color card number should be provided to avoid color difference);

    Because of the recent plastic raw materials are very unstable, the price of raw materials according to the market rise floating;

    The specific price is negotiable, please forgive me!

    Cixi yingjiang bicycle fittings co., LTD. (cixi city red flame vehicle industry co., LTD.) since its founding in 1985, after wind and rain, after nearly 30 years of development, the development, has now become the same industry have a certain scale professional production of various kinds of plastic parts, EVA foam tyre buggies, plastic car basket, plastic tool box, plastic chain cover, twisting, vehicles, accessories, plastic car buggies buggies basket, plastic toolbox buggies, plastic chain cover buggies, twisting, car, plastic twisting, car for children of baby carrier type plastic accessories production and sales of manufacturers.

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    Yingjiang car accessories professional supply twister car plastic accessories/children twister car

    Cixi Yingjiang vehicle accessories supply all kinds of models of children's car, plastic twister car and other plastic parts of children's car, twister car on the healthy growth of children has a very important role, welcome to the company to consult and negotiate!

    Features of the twister:

    1. Small size, not occupying too much space at home;

    2, the age range of adaptation is large, from a few months to adults can play;

    3, can belong to parent-child activities, ha ha adults and children play together, the baby in the front seat, mother or father behind the protection ah;

    4, the price is more close to the people, compared to the random hundreds of toys, more cost-effective.

    The effects of the twister on children:

    1. Make your child more flexible. Long-term use of the car can improve the child's nerve reflex ability, improve the child's sensitivity, make the movement more flexible.

    2. Make kids smarter. This car mainly controls the steering wheel with both hands, which can stimulate the left and right brain and promote the development of cerebellum. If long-term use of this product can improve children's intelligence.

    3. Make kids safer. The twister is popular in Europe, The United States and Southeast Asia because of its low height (only about 10cm), making it by far the safest sports toy.

    4. Make your child better. When playing multi-player interactive games with the car, children's teamwork spirit can be cultivated, and their personality can be cheerful through group activities.

    Design principle of the twister car:

    Torsional car operation is simple, without power device, make full use of the centrifugal force principle and the principle of inertia in human movement, only by turning the steering wheel left and right, you can drive forward and backward at will

    Suitable place:

    Living rooms, parks, plazas, rooms, kindergartens, paved and paved areas, etc.

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    Order buggy kit for children bicycle accessories and children electric car accessories

    Production toolkit buggies, children bicycle accessories, children's electric car accessories, plastic accessories factory many buggies, recommend you to choose cixi yingjiang bicycle accessories co., LTD., specializing in the production of car basket buggies, foaming, toolbox, buggies plastic toolbox, buggy tires, the chain cover buggies, wheel, buggies buggies the baby carrier such as a set of plastic accessories products.

    Through our unremitting efforts, it has grown into a model enterprise with more than 20 injection molding machines and more than 10 foaming machines, covering an area of 16 mu, a building area of more than 13,000 square meters, nearly 100 employees, and an annual output value of 20 million yuan.

    EVA foaming products include foaming wheels, auxiliary wheels and so on. EVA foam tires from 5"-20" and other specifications, with more than 200 styles, a variety of colors, suitable for all kinds of baby strollers, toy cars, children's cars, baby cars, twisting cars, EVA foam wheels not only non-toxic, beautiful light, high elasticity, wear resistance, never need to inflate and other characteristics, and affordable price. Other EVA foaming products are all imported from South Korea, Japan and other raw materials production, non-toxic and tasteless products, adjustable a variety of colors, can be made in various shapes, suitable for children's products, toys, shock absorbent protection products.

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    We supply foamed foamed tire for children, bicycle foamed tire, tricycle foamed tire and other plastic foamed tire products

    The company supplies foam tires, bicycle foam tires, tricycle foam tires and other plastic foam tire products

    EVA foamed tire for children bicycle, new material foamed, good elasticity, strong friction, long service life;

    Color and size can also be produced according to customer requirements; Size: 8 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches, 20 inches, etc.

    Due to the recent unstable raw material market price, so the price need to discuss, you can also directly come to visit our factory;

    Please understand. Thank you...

    Cixi yingjiang bicycle fittings co., LTD. Since its founding in 1985, after wind and rain, after nearly 30 years of development, the development, has now become the same industry have a certain scale professional production of various kinds of plastic parts, EVA foam tyre buggies, plastic car basket, plastic tool box, plastic chain cover, twisting, vehicles, accessories, plastic car buggies buggies basket, plastic toolbox buggies, plastic chain cover buggies, twisting, car, plastic twisting, car for children of baby carrier type plastic accessories production and sales of manufacturers.

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